I really love communication and collaborating with others. To my pleasant surprise, my colleagues over the years seem to quite enjoy having me around too! But I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it. Below, you’ll find comments written by some of the very talented people I have worked with in recent years. Each name links back to their LinkedIn profile, making it easy to contact them and verify their comments.

Stephen has been my boss during the last six months at the digital start-up MyNameClub.com in Stockholm, and it has been a real privilege to work with such a talented guy. I have learned a lot from Stephen in the areas of communication and writing in English. Under his supervision I have developed my skills in English and feel much more secure when writing in my second language.

Stephen is a very social and curious person that isn’t afraid to explore new areas, for example in social media and digital trends. He is also very inspiring when leading workshops and giving feedback on writing, and when discussing new ideas with his team-members.

I would recommend Stephen for any job in the areas of communication, copywriting, social media and such. I truly believe that anyone that gets the opportunity to work with Stephen will enjoy his company and will learn a lot from him.

Should further information be required, I am happy to be contacted for further confirmation of Stephen’s skills.

Johan Renvall – May, 2015 – Content Coordinator/Copywriter                                                                                                                                               


I worked at a start-up company for six months as a content creator for a website about names, and Stephen was the Team Leader. We were a small team with different backgrounds and Stephen was always making sure that we felt happy with our tasks, that we stayed creative and that we also learned something new.

What I appreciated the most about working with Stephen was that he always was clear on what to do. He is a good communicator and a really good copywriter. Stephen is a fun and friendly co-worker. He shows appreciation, gives good feedback and is always including everyone in workshops and decisions.

Virginia Åslund – May, 2015 – Content Creator/Copywriter


I worked with Stephen for My Name Club, a social media start up, where he was my manager and directly responsible for the output of the site. Stephen’s a really creative, driven and determined manager, full of great ideas and constructive feedback.

As well as producing great content, his edits can really make a piece of text shine. He was also great with all employees, and very understanding and fair. It was a real pleasure to work with him, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any role within the world of copywriting and content creation.

Francis Dignan – May, 2015 – Copywriter at MyNameClub

I worked with Stephen at a start-up company, My Name Club, for a few months in the beginning of 2015. As the leader of our content team he constantly managed to make us feel useful, welcome, and a part of something special. As a 19-year-old, I was the youngest individual of the company, and never once did he treat me any differently. He always showed us all respect.

His ideas were always creative and thought-provoking, and he always made sure to ask us if we had any questions or objections. He really did make us all feel like we could speak up, instead of just telling us what to do. Stephen made work a fun experience, and working with him has been a privilege.

Natassa Karamouzis -May 2015- Content Writer, MyNameClub.com

I worked with Stephen on many projects during our time together at IKEA Communications.
Not only a great writer, Stephen excels at communication in every facet. He is adept at cultivating open and collaborative atmospheres in most work groups. Additionally, he is diligent with feedback and always makes the time to connect with his team, which has proven a successful tool for his career track. He is an advocate of transparent communication and a dynamic leader in work group situations.

He not only can deliver product in time and to brief, he is also a reliable ideas man and forward-thinker. I look forward to working with Stephen again in the future and would happily recommend him as a strong addition to any creative team.

 Meghan Young –  May, 2015 – Head of Copy – Wayfair.com


Stephen is an excellent communicator. He brings skill, passion and integrity to any communications project. He is always looking for the most efficient and appealing way to reach the customer – never afraid to question old ways of working. Also: it’s fun working with Stephen!

 Mattias Ericson – 2014 – Project leader at IKEA Communications

I worked with Stephen at IKEA Communications from June 2009 until I left i July 2013. Stephen stated in a junior role and from day one showed immense enthusiasm for his work and quickly showed that he is a formidable communicator. His passion for words and finding the perfect communication message for his target audience has made him an incredibly popular writer with his peers, colleagues and clients alike. His skill and confidence means he is willing to take on any challenge and will deliver great results whilst learning from the experience. He has no problem expressing his opinions and does so in a very clear and articulate manner.He is a great team player and works with his colleagues in an inclusive way. He brings his own clear ideas to the table but listens to others and works extremely well with in a team to craft great results. He is an asset for any group when it comes to presenting ideas with a professionalism and passion that others find engaging.I give Stephen my highest possible recommendation as a perspective employee and wish him every possible success with his future career. If you wish to know more please feel free to contact me.

 Mike Crawshaw – 2013 – Manager at Apple Retail


Stephen is the most passionate copywriter I have ever worked with! Always keeping the strategic objective in mind while looking for the most effective communication, both to reach the customer and make sure to reach the desired business result.

Sanna Pärli -2014 – Art Director at IKEA of Sweden 

Stephen has a laser-sharp focus and rigorous demand for quality whether it’s copywriting, creative strategy or leading a creative team toward the best results for his clients. I’ve always been impressed by his sharp mind and consistent focus on quality. Stephen’s work ethic is strong and when given a task or challenge he always gives it his all. Anyone would be lucky to have Stephen contribute to or lead a team of creatives. 

Michele Bianchi – 2014 – Senior Copywriter at Filson


Stephen is whip smart, insightful and open. A leader by nature, he also has a great desire to learn and that mix makes him very collaborative and fun to work with. A little bit maverick (all the best people are) he is also fiercely loyal to the brand and the work he’s been tasked to do. In two words: he cares.

Sarah Brownrigg – 2013 – Copywriter / Creator / Filmmaker 

Stephen Andersson is an excellent copywriter! We worked together at ICOM (IKEA Communications) on several projects for in-store communication e.g. making customers understand how to shop at IKEA. And, for sure, that is not easy! Stephen has a great ability to understand complex facts and to put them into words anyone could understand. He is a delight to work with! Is easily accessible, shows no prestige, is willing to discuss even small details that (untrained/unsure) clients need to question. But he also fights for what he believes is the best way and can explain why – Stephen is a real asset for any agency! And he is fun to be with.

Lotta Sandström 2012 – Project Manager – Retired 


Stephen’s a candid and intuitive copywriter with an affable personality to boot. I believe he’d be an excellent addition to any creative department.

Sami Lill – 2013 – Creative Director at ubersuperduper.com


I’ve worked with Stephen on multiple occasions and never been disappointed, ever! You just have to look away for a second and he’s back with a huge amount of material, be it sketches, analysis or just good ideas. Btw, did I mention that he writes the most clever copy too?

Cristoffer Wiker – 2012 – Web Creative and Game Designer


Stephen is incredibly good at grasping and transforming ideas, concepts and messages into targeted copy that captivates the reader’s heart and mind. In addition to his superb language and writing skills, Stephen always suggests clever ways of meeting our client’s needs and challenges everyone in the team to do their very best.
 Caroline Yazi – 2014 – Project Manager


Stephen is a terrific guy that brings a lot of passion and dedication into the workplace. With his love of words and enthusiasm for good communication, he’s the kind of copywriter many companies would be lucky to have.
Melissa Reimer – 2013 – Copywriter at KAN


 My firm, InfoDev ApS, used Stephen Anderson as a freelance copywriter on a regular basis from 2004 until mid-2007. His work product included traditional marketing deliverables such as brochures, flyers, roll-ups and catalogs, but has also included press releases, scripts for video promotions, and copy for online material. In his role, Stephen often worked as an integral part of our small team and we found him to be personable, professional and reliable.
Stephen’s work spanned a range of areas, from fashion and furniture, to industrial pumps and consumer products. His work involved a degree of customer contact and relationship building and his professionalism and creative skills have been instrumental in retaining existing clients and attracting new business. Our customers have been grateful for Stephen’s proficiency as a writer and for the creative approach that he brings to his assignments.He worked much of the time remotely, and was highly capable of managing his time and workload independently. Stephen has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to be flexible and an ability to learn and adapt quickly. We give Stephen our highest recommendation, wish him well in his future endeavors.Marc Anderson Honoré – 2007 – Technical Writer at Siemens Wind Power