Who Am I?

My name is Stephen Anderson and I work with communication – mostly as a copywriter. I’ve been learning and working with this for over a decade now and I have yet to meet two of us with exactly the same set of skills. What many of us do share is an interest in the power of words and a fascination for people and what inspires and drives them. We work to craft messages in such a way as to inspire a thought, an emotion or an action with positive consequences.

So, here’s a glimpse into who I am, where I was made and what I’ve learned.


I’m a pretty lucky guy in terms of nationalities. I grew up in my native New Zealand and have lived in Sweden since 2001 and, to their occasional discomfort, am a citizen of both these beautiful countries. I recently moved from the south of Sweden to a beautiful island 20 minutes from Stockholm.


I was raised in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. My father was a theatre and film Director and my mother a Communications Specialist with IBM. My mentor through my formative teens and 20s was my stepmother, Allison Webber; one of New Zealand’s leading journalists and PR consultants. These people gave me a strong appreciation and understanding of the importance of communicating ideas well.


I left school young, aged 16, and started traveling. I explored my own beautiful homeland extensively and, later, the world beyond the South Pacific. Over the years I’ve worked as a cook, a sous chef, a graphic designer, managed a clothing boutique, a holiday park and a video store. I’ve worked in various locations as a props assistant on film and television productions, been a salesman, a landscape gardener and a bartender. I’m quite well-travelled and have lived and worked in NZ, France, United Kingdom and Sweden. I moved to Sweden in 2001 and woke up one day to find 2 beautiful children smiling at me and calling me pappa. They continue to amaze, challenge and inspire me every day.

I’ve studied Psychology, Philosophy, Journalism, Design, Carpentry, Hospitality and English. In 2015 I graduated from Google’s Digital Marketing programme and received a commendation as one of the most inspiring participants.


I have worked with communication for over 10 years now and I love it. Essentially, my communication skills are strongest in writing copy, editing, idea generation, strategizing, consumer behaviour, psychological triggers and tone of voice. I also have experience and knowledge in:  seo, translation, search, graphic design and UX. But please understand that at the very heart of my drive is people. The whys and hows of their desires and motivations. And creating ideas and strategies from that knowledge.

I’m not interested in selling junk or making you a millionaire. The way I see it, if you have a genuine desire to work with something you love, solve problems for people or contribute to a better world then success will follow as a matter of course. And I would be most happy to contribute to your success with these things as a foundation for our partnership. I treat each step as an end in itself; full of quality, inspiration and potential. My experience is that this is the best way to ensure a positive end result.

As a complement to copywriting, I’m quite an avid photographer, retouch artist and play around with digital 3D art. It’s mostly a hobby and a way to remain creative and experimental in a very visual medium. I’m also very passionate about behavioural psychology and Greek and Eastern philosophy. I was introduced to these concepts at university and have maintained a deep interest and enjoyment in these subjects ever since. I firmly believe my knowledge and interest in the human condition are a great strength to my work and the questions these subjects pose form the bedrock of successful communication.

The rest of my time is spent hanging with my kids, meditating, sculpting, reading, writing, spending time in nature and cooking.


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